How many coats of paint should you use when repainting a wall?

How many coats of paint should you use when repainting a wall?

The Benefits of Applying Two Coats of Paint

Are you planning on re-painting the walls in your home? If so, then you’ve probably heard that it is best to apply two coats of paint. But why is this so important? Why not just stick with one coat? Well, if you want a smooth, professional finish to any painting job, then it is well worth it to apply two coats. Let’s take a look at why two coats are better than one.

The Science Behind Two Coats of Paint
Applying one coat of paint does give a nice finish – but often times the color may be slightly off and not quite as vibrant as you expect. Applying a second coat helps achieve the right balance between color and vibrancy. A primer should be applied first; this helps ensure that the second coat adheres properly to the surface. This will also give your walls a smoother finish in the end.

When shopping for supplies, make sure to invest in quality paints and primers. Cheaper products may seem like they save money upfront – but they won’t last nearly as long or look nearly as good. Spending a bit more on quality supplies will pay off in the end!

Some people think that applying one coat of paint is enough – but this simply isn’t true! It’s easy to think that putting on an extra layer is unnecessary and wasteful – but when it comes to achieving optimal results, two coats are always better than one! You can trust Expert Painters of Markham for all your painting needs – we have years of experience providing our customers with beautiful results every time!

When repainting any wall, applying two coats of paint will provide superior results compared to applying just one coat alone. Priming before painting ensures that the second coat adheres properly, leading to smoother walls and brighter colors overall. Investing in quality supplies will also help guarantee satisfaction with any painting job in your home or office space. Expert Painters of Markham are professional painters who have years of experience providing our customers with beautiful results every time! Contact us today if you need help sprucing up your walls!


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